Friday, August 29, 2008

The Importance of Momentum

Ideal Momentum
6.00-6.30 Rise and morning ablutions.
6.30-7.00 Feed animals, let out sheep and take dogs Belle and Jake (including my one year old hand reared old sheep Tynney) for a walk.
7.00-7.15 Drive to gym.
7.30-9.30 Gym and drive home.
9.30-10.00 Shower & breakfast.
10.00-1.00 Work in home studio.
1.00-1.30 Lunch
1.30-4.30 Work in home studio.
4.30-5.15 Feed animals & clean out kitty litter.
5.15-6.45 Work in home studio.
6.45-7.15 Dinner
7.15-7.30 Dishes
7.30-9.30 TV
9.30-10.00 Read
10.00+ Sleep

Reality Momentum
6.00 Too cold and dark to get up.
6.15-6.30 Reluctantly force myself to get out of bed and morning ablutions.
6.30-6.45 Can't find new dog – Australian kelpie, Jake – who we got from a neighbour that was moving to the suburbs. Find out he's escaped by climbing over a 5 foot fence in an enclosed yard. He's now gone on walkabout. Swear under my breath.
6.45-7.45 Feed animals, let out sheep, and find an old ewe lying on her side after she has just given birth to a dead lamb. Push the ewe to her feet so she doesn't suffocate and bring her some supplemental feed so she can get her strength back. Wrap up the lamb in a towel and put it aside for cousin to bury. Cry.
7.45 - 8.00 Take Belle and Tynney for a walk.
8.00-8.30 Suppose to go to the gym but drive out to look for Jake. Return home empty handed.
8.30-9.00 Do some stretching/toning at home while answering two phone calls and having a quick shower.
9.00-9.30 Breakfast and clean up cat vomit from floor in house.
9.30-9.45 Work in home studio.
9.45-10.15 Neighbour who lives one kilometre away across two large paddocks calls to say Jake is with her because her female dog is on heat. Drive over and pick up Jake.
10.15-10.45 Work in home studio.
10.45-11.30 Get onto FaceBook and send all my friends hugs, chocolates, fairies and guardian angels, good karma and comic characters.
11.30-11.45 Read 'must read' industry blog posts.
11.45-12.00 Check on ewe.
12.00-1.00 Watch Dr Phil and have lunch.
1.00-2.30 Work in studio while simultaneously cuddling four kittens who are climbing over my keyboard as I work. 
2.30-3.00 Wonder whatever happened to the cast of The Ghost and Mrs Muir television series and look them up on the Internet. Only get through three actors.
3.00-3.15 Round up Tynney who has just cheekily run into my office and left pooh pellets on the carpet. Clean carpet.
3.15-4.30 Get some actual work done.
4.30-5.30 Feed animals, check on ewe, talk to cousin about burying lamb, take dogs and Tynney for second walk, clean kitty litter.
5.30-6.15 Work in home studio and get interrupted by bank wanting me to sign up for a credit card, as well as a call centre in Singapore that wants to tell me about some sort of resource company. Tell them my name is on the 'do not call' list established by the government.
6.15-7.00 Do a Black Mermaid blog post and research various references to put links onto the post. 
7.00-7.15 Look at my work To Do List for the day and mark off two items out of six.
7.15-7.30 Dinner & no dishes.
7.30-11.30 TV while simultaneously taping other channel.
11.30-11.35 Read
11.35+ Sleep.


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