Monday, September 1, 2008

Spring Spring Spring!

That's the title of a song from one of my all time favourite musicals – Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, which was directed by Stanley Donan with amazing choreography by Michael Kidd (I loved the barn raising sequence). Always thought Howard Keel was the most manliest of men of the musical theatre along with the incredible and terribly sexy Gene Kelly who was not in that particular movie. I also thought the second brother Benjamin (played by Jeff Richards who I just found out was a professional minor league baseball player as well as actor) was the handsomest of the seven brothers. He ended up with gorgeous and sultry Julie Newmar whose character name – Dorcas – was anything but feminine (Newmar later went on to play Catwoman in the Batman television series with Adam West). But what a diversion ... I just want to say that the weather here is sunny and gorgeous and very welcome after a particularly cold and biting winter – even parts of the Blue Mountains had snow (Australians are such wimps when it comes to cold weather). Anyway, looking forward to swimming again ... I am a water baby at heart after all.

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