Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dover Six Mermaids in Art Cards Box Set

Our good friend Nick Nicolaou from Makeup Effects Group keeps us mer-satiated with lots of mermaid images and special deals. Here is one of the latter—Dover Publications has released six famous Pre-Raphaelite art cards for $1.50 plus postage. This is a great deal. Turns our that Dover also has lots of other mermaid goodies, including a whole bunch of mermaid paper dolls. Both Jozef and I LOVED paper dolls when we were kids so this was an exciting discovery for us because mermaid ones weren't available at that time. We suspect you'll rediscover your inner child with these offerings.

Mermaids in Comics 6 – The Mermaid

This mermaid comic is a similar take to the comics story which we covered in Mermaids in Comics 2 – The Little Sea Maid, except that it is coloured and only one page instead of six. This piece comes from the Princess Comic (26/08/67) and is cited as being a being a story from a ballet. The comic comes courtesy of one our readers – Terence – who we thank for bringing it to our attention.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Valentine Black Mermaid Advocates "Languid Love"

Happy 2013, readers! We're getting ready for a big year, and Jozef starts things rolling with his latest interpretation of our Valentine Black Mermaid – "Languid Love". We've just changed our product line up as well. Aprons are out and pyjamas, rugs and yoga mats are in, plus lots of other goodies. Check out our wares at Black Mermaid Boutique.