Sunday, September 28, 2008

More Pigs in Mud

Following on from my God Save the Pig post on 23 September and the follow on story Can't Get Enough of Dat Darn Pig, I've received lots of private and FaceBook feedback from some of our readers who were fascinated with the ongoing saga of Bruce. I also received another 'domestic pig gone wild' anecdote from my wonderful friend Sue Hudson from Armidale. Sue is an Archeological Consultant specialising in Aboriginal archeology. She sent me a photo of this beauty, wallowing in the mud and the following story:

Life is full of stressful situations:
When everything gets to be too much of a hassle, lie back, take things easy, look at the bright side of life and relax!
While investigating some land for rezoning and looking for Aboriginal sites and relics, I was driving down a narrow lane searching for things of antiquity and I found this amazing site – Miss Piggy lying in a muddy pool of water under a railway crossing. This spot was shared with some ducks who were busy going about their days foraging for food (stressful for ducks). Obviously Miss Piggy had been having a hard day (waiting for food to be deposited), stressed out by not being with other pigs, hot, dry and feeling the world was just TOO much. Being a pig required keeping her skin cool and free from annoying biting insects, so she relocated to piggy heaven. Not even my vehicle stopped her from enjoying this blissful de-stressing.

We should take good advice when it confront us – do what pigs do – just go to the nearest muddy pond and veg out!!! 

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