Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Elf~Fin Updates and More

Elf~Fin: Hyfus and Tilaweed is chugging along nicely. Jozef has nearly finished painting another two page scene and we're going to splash out big time and actually post both pages in their entirety (sans lettering) next week on this blog and on our website. We'll leave it up to you to interpret the action, but in order to read it in context of the greater story you'll have to buy the series once it comes out. And boy is it chocka block full of stuff! 

On another note, Jozef's computer went down last week and he has replaced his system with some new goodies and many upgrades (he'll have to give you the particulars next time he posts on this blog). His original one was still under warranty and will be fixed but he is donating it to Black Mermaid in order to replace our much older and loved iMac which from memory we bought in about 1999 from the proceeds of our Broken Hill workshops. I like to use my MacBook – I love the comfort and flexibility of working from a high back recliner rather than stiff and straight backed on an office chair at an office desk. I have all the current Black Mermaid correspondence, marketing material and story stuff on my system so I will back it up onto Jozef's donated computer and he in turn will back up all his Black Mermaid specific documents and artwork onto the central system which is in my office. 

We have been working on another secret Black Mermaid project but more on that in October. It will take you by surprise. We're such terrible teasers, but we're nice terrible teasers – really we are ....

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