Monday, September 29, 2008

Welcome and Thank You Blog Visitors

A few weeks ago we installed Google Analytics onto our blogspot to see who was popping in to visit. We've been maintaining the blog for five months now and having a great time doing it but felt it was, in general, a one way conversation – not even a dialogue really except for those people who have taken time out to post comments. However, we were quite thrilled at the scope of the Analytics analysis with all its graphs, maps and stats. People weren't necessarily commenting but they were visiting. We had expected readers from Australia and the US mostly, and we were right in our assessment. This is by no means a contest but the USA came out on top with our homeland in second place within the Top 10. We were also delighted to see who took out the next eight positions, which are (in order) – Germany, Netherlands, the UK, Norway, Canada, Italy, France and Malaysia. Beyond that we also had visitors from Russia, New Zealand, Spain, Greece, Japan, Brazil, Belgium, Singapore, the Philipines, Romania, Indonesia, Hungary, India, South Africa, Sweden, Netherlands (Antilles), Finland and Saudi Arabia. We are very gratified and just want to say thank you for supporting us in cyberspace. We hope you'll make this a regular web pit stop in your busy day or week. Too bad we can't offer you real tea and biscuits because we sure would like to  ... maybe we can send you some virtual ones if we ever figure out how to do it!

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