Friday, August 8, 2008

Mermaid Treasures 6

Well not quite... strictly speaking this is not mermaid paraphernalia, although I sometimes imagine what it would look like with a mermaid figure on it. I love this piece nevertheless and it holds its place nicely in my mermaid collection. It's actually a lamp. I had it next to my bedside when I was a child and for some reason it gave me great comfort to look at it. It's a pink pottery shell with a couple of colourful angel fish in the interior and a cluster of decorative sea anemones and clam  shells along the base. There's a sticker on the outside that says "Peggy Stanton Hand Styled". I just Googled it and got a hit onto eBay that says it is a "rare pottery shell and tv lamp" and yes, that it's "very kitsch". 

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