Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Blog Web Browser Problems

Oh my lordy us! We just accessed our blog via Internet Explorer instead of our usual web browser – Safari. Everything is topsy turvy. Our template no longer exists. The YouTube videos are not showing up. The font is all in upper case. Everything but the blog heading is left justified and there is a big white empty canvas of space on the right hand side. We are not really computer savvy but we thought we were doing pretty well until now. Will have to go into the Blogger Help menu and see what in the hell is going on. And we'll have to check other browsers as well to see if they are bringing up nonsense. Apologies to everyone out there if this is what you've been looking at up to now. We'll do everything we can to rectify the problem so you can see what we're seeing.

29/8/08 UPDATE: Spoke to our webmaster who told us that the Mac Internet Explorer was an old version and and had not been supported or updated by Microsoft for many years, resulting in these blog layout problems. So there's the answer. When we checked our blog on Firefox, Safari and Windows Explorer everything was cool. 

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