Monday, August 4, 2008

ASA Comics/Graphic Novels Portfolio Update

We've been working hard the last few weeks on various briefs for the Australian Society of Authors (ASA) Comics/Graphic Novels Portfolio where we are dual portfolio holders. The recommended freelance rates (eg. inking, colouring, convention sketches etc) are currently being researched; the legal officer is drafting up various Minimum Approved Contracts for Comics Creators; the Executive Director will be doing a costing of a proposed Comics Creators Talent Register which we want to put online onto the portfolio page of the ASA website so that publishers searching for talent can find it all in the one place; we've just finished the Supanova round of seminars for the year; and we've had several meetings at the ASA offices. There's another secret plan up for consideration this weekend, and Jozef and I will be addressing the fourteen-person Committee of Management and letting them know what's happening in the Australian comics community, as well as outlining the direction we'd like to go in over the next year or two. Jozef is also currently designing a logo for the portfolio, after which I will be putting together a regular ezine which will be going out exclusively to members. All this is taking lots of time, so our heads are spinning at the moment. If you're an Aussie comics creator we recommend you join. Heck ... if you're an overseas comics creator just come on board and help build the membership and find strength, resources and inspiration from the community.

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