Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mermaid Treasures 7

I recently discovered a beautiful collection of mermaid cards called "Tarot of Mermaids" artwork by Mauro De Luca, text by Pietro Alligo.

I bought it on Amazon on my birthday while I was in a mermaid-purchasing frame of mind. I came across this set, and just automatically added it to my shopping cart without knowing what I'd find inside, although the cover illustration was lovely. I figured one way or another I'd have a lovely set of mermaid images.

Well when I got it I was blown away with the beautiful artwork – it was very well drawn and amazingly colored. Any mermaid lover will love this set.

As a pagan goddess figure it also make sense to see mermaids in the Tarot. I've done readings with Julie on mermaid related projects using her various mythology-based tarot card sets, and funnily enough, the mermaids within the tarot pack all made an appearance in the readings.

I showed the pack to Julie a few weeks ago, and we asked some questions about
Elf-Fin. Being that all the cards were mermaids, it wasn't now about what mermaids surfaced in the reading, but which ones in particular. Well the reading was very favourable although it highlighted a need for patience. I think that the mermaids in this tarot pack are excited about Elf-Fin...

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