Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mermaid Treasures 4

Received this whimsical hand-crafted and painted mermaid basin for Christmas a few years ago from my wonderfully generous sister, Tanya, who collects dragons in her own right. Fire and water – that's the Ditrich girls. The basin sits in a wrought iron frame and is about knee high. It was created by Aussie artist Danielle McManus from the Hunter Valley, which is a major wine-growing region in country New South Wales. I LOVE this piece – there's something quite soulful about it. My black cat Pimpernel loves it too – I caught her making herself comfortable in it the other day and I raged and stormed about with such elemental ferocity that she will not be seeking it out as a sleeping spot again any time soon. This is DEFINITELY one of my favourite pieces.

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