Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Budha With a Thousand Hands

I was emailed this vid a couple of months ago and have been waiting patiently to post it once I conquered the YouTube embed function and worked out the functionality of Blogger. This performance piece moved me to tears. The performers are deaf but their dance of the hands is stunningly graceful and so precise that it made me wonder how they could interpret the music so well – I found out in the last few minutes where I saw two conductors at the side of the stage. It solved the mystery but didn't detract from my enjoyment. Each hand and arm reminded me of an elegant crane head and neck. The music is quite lovely too, evoking memories of Disney's Mulan soundtrack. The piece relaxed and soothed me – it was like being in a state of hypnosis – until the dancers stepped off the pedestal and the tempo picked up and they got jiggy with it. Anyway, decide for yourself if this worth the watch or not ...

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