Tuesday, May 27, 2008

YouPublish.com Launch

We received a Press Release the other day in our email box and thought that comics creators might be interested. Apparently, Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series, recently launched an online publishing business called YouPublish.com for the purpose of getting digital creators and consumers to interact online. The marketing material says:
Integrating aspects of YouTube, Facebook and Amazon with unique, new thinking and technology in an ultra easy-to-use online environment, YouPublish is the place where unlimited creators go to publish their digital content for sale or for free distribution to consumers. 
People can register as users and publish their creation in minutes, as the site has been designed to accommodate any electronic digital file in any format. Over 1000 authors, musicians, composers, photographers, poets and other creative artists from more than 20 countries have already placed content on the site. As of today there is one comics property online – we wouldn't be surprised if this increases in the upcoming weeks.
YouPublish.com eliminates the hassles of self-publishing or working with dozens of fragmented websites to place, market, distribute and collect royalties for sales of creative content. The new portal is a single publishing source/destination, which allows authors, musicians, video producers, photographers and others to effortlessly manage, publish and distribute their materials in one location and reach a massive consumer audience internationally and worldwide.
Royalties are cited to be 50% of sales, so it will be interesting for comics creators to compare the conditions and the service agreement to other similar e-publishing ventures. 

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