Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bonjour Again Kitty 2

Kitty 2 has returned home. Apparently, he pined so much for human and animal companionship when he was left alone that it was heartbreaking. Ashlie being the sensible woman that she is, recognised that he was exceptionally social. To deprive him of animal interaction for the better part of the day while she was away at work would have been tantamount to cruelty. The sad thing is that she and her son had bonded nicely with him. They had played with him and had given him a bath so he was extra clean and fluffy when I picked him up. He cowered and yowled all the way home and I needed to keep petting him through the cat cage and reassure him with countdowns – "we're only 15 minutes away from home ... only ten minutes to go ... nearly there, it's just around the corner". When he was reunited with his siblings he became a new cat – leaping about with joy, purring his contentment and exploring the room again to reacquaint himself with his domicile. The experience was extremely stressful on both the cat and me. I was told the other day that one of the most stressful jobs in the world was in animals welfare and that there is a quick burnout rate. I can believe it. Rehoming animals by way of merely interviewing interested parties and quickly assessing their competency as loving and responsible human beings willing to undertake to protect their animal family's health and welfare, is a huge job in itself. These kittens deserve to find people who will love them unto old age and death, and I will turn away anyone who doesn't fit that criteria. I will make one of many public proclamations right here right now – anyone working to save animals is a hero in my eyes.

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