Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Squeaker Sisters!

My two dumped kittens that I have dubbed the "Squeaker Sisters" for obvious reasons (they don't meow yet) have got the runs. At the moment they are sleeping and purring on my lap, but I have had to clean up several sloppy dollops of brown goop from my pink office carpet over the last couple of days with my Martha Gardener's Country Homestead Wool Mix. There are soapy patches on the carpet now and the entire room smells of eucalyptus, and I've gone through more towels and sheets than an army hospital. Need to give the sisters a kitty shampoo and massage tomorrow, and check them out at the vet. Will also need to get my carpet cleaned some time soon. Here's a little (slightly out of focus because they keep moving darn them!) peek at the two critters. 

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