Thursday, May 1, 2008

Spacing Style Gaffes

The obsessive perfectionist editor in me is becoming extremely frustrated at the line-spacing slip ups in our blog postings. As you can see from our recent posts, the style spontaneously changes from single spacing to one-and-a-half spacing and it is NOT a pretty sight at least to my eyes. On the new postings page we can apply justification, font size and type and other stylistic choices to our text, but we can't do the same for line-spacing. I am assuming that a particular style of line-spacing is imbedded as a default into the template, but alas it is not working out that way. Once I publish the new posts,  for some reason the template changes the line-spacing midway into the text. I have looked on the blogger Help menu and apparently this is not an isolated problem – many other neophytes and blogging pros are experiencing the same phenomenon (and I only thought that Microsoft Word had the capacity to change your layout midway through a document without any prompts from the author!) Unfortunately I cannot find a practical solution or even instructions on how to bring consistency into the blog page. Will keep trying but in the meantime, are there any Black Mermaid readers out there that can miraculously come up with the answer?

17 June 2008 UPDATE: Some time in the last week or so, all the line spacing problems through our entire blog have mysteriously resolved themselves. Thank you to the style fairy out there in the wild yonder who took care of it. 

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