Monday, May 26, 2008

Kitty 2 & 3 Find a Great New Home!

Remember a few weeks ago (on 6 May to be exact) when Kitty 2 (a white and silver tabby) was returned to me, well I'm pleased to announce that he and his brother Kitty 3 who has Sylvester-like black and white markings (as in the cartoon character but a whole lot cuter and far more intelligent – he would have had Tweety for breakfast by now!), have gone to a wonderful home. I dropped them off to Liz today who lives on a 15-acre farm nearby. Liz has four dogs, two horses and loves animals. We put the little ones in the sunlit back room and they started exploring straight away. They purred, ate, purred some more, played with the ping-pong balls and climbed up a roll of carpet. They both appeared to be very relaxed so I felt comfortable and peaceful about leaving them there. In weeks to come when they're older and allowed to explore the garden and the terrain they're going to have a grand time in an eight-room stable out the back, which has the warm smell of lucerne and horses. They're ten weeks old now and very robust, and Liz has kindly extended visitation rights to me if I want to see how they're going. In the interim, I'm sure there's going to be a lot of photos and updates sent to my phone. The pics were taken when they were about five weeks old, so they're a little bigger now.

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