Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Webcomics Site

Top Shelf Productions in the US has launched a new web-comics site called  Top Shelf 2.0 with publisher Brett Warnock and editor Leigh Walton at the helm. Top Shelf has garnered the reputation as being a publisher (we'd love to say "purveyor" which sounds good but doesn't make sense!) of quality literary graphic novels such as Alan Moore's and Eddie Campbell's From Hell. What is significant is that this appears at face value to be a creator-friendly enterprise:

Throughout the process, content will remained [sic] creator-owned, with artists and writers free to leave at any time. "We see Top Shelf 2.0 as a laboratory for new ideas and new creators," Walton explained. "Any webcomic that gets an outstanding response will naturally suggest that we consider it for print publication, but in the meantime we're happy to give these creators and fans an opportunity to discover each other."

Keep an eye out for Aussies Jessica Mcleod and Edward J Grug III (Love Puppets). The full story by Laura Hudson is available on the Publishers Weekly website.

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