Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Birthday Black Mermaid™ Range Launched

We've answered your call and have just launched the first EVER design in our new Birthday Black Mermaid™ range of clothing and collectibles. Like the other celebration lines, we'll be launching one design in this series a year. We know we're releasing it close after the new Valentine "Ace of Hearts" design, however, we didn't want anybody with a birthday in January to miss out! We've got the same product line as the other ranges but we suspect it will be the greeting cards – which can double up as birthday cards – that will be the most popular. Jozef did an alternate take on the customary birthday cake and presents (that may come next year!) and decided to bring you a big fat orange balloon instead. The design is called "Balloon Day" and she can be found at the Black Mermaid™ Boutique.

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