Monday, January 16, 2012

Oz Comic-Con Controversy Reigns Supreme

Big debate raging on the brand confusion over the inaugural Oz Comic-Con to be held in Adelaide in March 2012 and its relationship to the San Diego Comic-Con. There apparently is none and it was never promoted as such but people are making the assumption that the US mob is also organising the local one. The answer is a big fat no. Having said that, we confess to having believed this to be true based on some articles we read until we corrected this misconception after reading a statement to the contrary on the Oz Comic-Con FaceBook page. In the meantime some commentators are not prepared to let this go and are weighing in heavily with their points-of-view in an online exposé. We're not going to quote from it and we have no position on it as we don't know all the facts. But we think it's important enough to flag and leave you to make up your own minds. Check out the full story on the Gizmodo Australia website. The comments are interesting as well.

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