Monday, January 9, 2012

WaveDancers Flashback!

If you've been reading this blog lately you'd know that Jozef recently had his first solo art exhibition in Sydney. This was also the first time Jozef released his comics art for sale – including his ElfQuest: WaveDancers art – which included several original painted covers from the six part series. US collector, Corey Dalton, scooped up one of the covers prior to the launch of the exhibition. After everything was packed up and sent off, Jozef – being the curious creature that he is – asked Corey why he had chosen that particular piece. This is what Corey had to say:

I chose to buy the original cover art for WaveDancers issue six for a couple of reasons. First off, all of the cover images for the WaveDancers series are burned into my brain because I was an impressionable kid when the series was originally published. I remember snapping up each new issue on the day of its release and then rushing home to read (and re-read) it. Of the covers, I was always particularly fond of the Winnowill one because it was so intriguing—was she being pushed over the cliff or being pulled away from the edge? The cover tells an entire story in one image! People who see the cover on my wall but have no idea what the comic book was about will still get a little narrative on top of the gorgeous art.

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