Sunday, May 27, 2012

Quest for Black Mermaids

You know our "Black Mermaid™" brand is very specific, and tied to the artistic expression of the wonderful Black Mermaid Productions logo of a reclining black mermaid in silhouette that Jozef designed many years ago. In fact, you can find her in a multitude of design variations at the Black Mermaid Boutique. However, we have been on a quest to find cultural diversity in the mermaid community, especially to find African inspired mermaids. Our approach has been chronicled in previous posts such as "Support The Deluge and Other Black Mermaids" and "A Letter to Black Mermaid Productions about African Mermaids". Well we've just discovered a fabulous cachĂ© of black mermaid artwork on Pinterest put up by Vegatron, AKA – Teresa Vega. Amongst the pieces are street art, book covers, Haitian art, poster art, quilt art, Cuban art and much more. The artists are attributed on the original pins. Well done, Teresa, and well done artists! You can check out the gallery here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link :) I'm off to check it out.

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