Friday, May 25, 2012

ASA / Supanova Professional Development Seminar 2012 [UPDATED 27/05/12]

Professional Friends with Benefits
Want to know what other professional associations and friends of the Australian Society of Authors (ASA) can offer in the way of resources, legal advice, professional development and awards for comics creators?

One of the ASA Comics / Graphic Novels Portfolio objectives is to liaise and cross-pollinate ideas with like-minded Australian and overseas organisations whose focus is on the promotion of the comics art form. Consequently, we’ve formed professional friendships with two associations that can help comics creators achieve their goals.

The first is the Arts Law Centre of Australia, which is the national community legal centre for the arts. Established in 1983, it provides specialised legal and business advice, professional development resources, and advocacy for artists and arts organisations on a wide range of matters including contracts, copyright, defamation, business, and employment. Solicitor Jo Teng will speak about the how Arts Law can and has helped comics and graphic artists, the resources it provides, as well as a run-down of the most frequently asked questions, issues, and problems encountered by artists both in their practice and in fandom.

The second is the Australian Cartoonists’ Association (ACA), formerly known as the Australian Black and White Artists’ Club (ABWAC). It was formed in 1924 and is the world’s oldest professional cartoonist organisation. The ACA focuses on syndicated cartoons, copyright issues, public education and promotion to newspaper and magazine editors and publishers. Long time member and previous office holder Lindsay Foyle will talk about the comics format of comic / cartoon strips, and how the ACA offers professional development opportunities at its annual conference and the Stanley Awards—in particular the Award for Best Comic Book Artist. The ASA and the ACA will also highlight the new reciprocal membership benefits scheme that has been organised for members of each organisation.

About the Australian Society of Authors (ASA)

The ASA, which includes the Society of Book Illustrators (SOBI), is the peak professional association for Australian literary creators and has over 3000 members. The Comics/Graphic Novels Portfolio was formed in mid 2007, to provide industry support to Australian artists and writers currently working in the comics medium and, in particular, the graphic novel format. The portfolio now has over 100 members.

About the Speakers

Jo Teng (Arts Law Centre)

Jo Teng is an intellectual property lawyer with the Arts Law Centre of Australia. She holds a Bachelor of Law and Arts from the University of Western Australia, and a Masters of Law at the University of New South Wales specialising in media, communications and technology law. She provides specialist legal advice on a range of issues from copyright to YouTube and has a particular interest for the Internet and its impact on the arts.

Lindsay Foyle (ACA)

Lindsay Foyle started as a copyboy on the Daily Telegraph in 1959 and has worked in journalism ever since. He has also worked at The Bulletin (as art director and deputy editor), The Australian, and many other magazines and newspapers. He joined the ACA (ABWAC) in 1970, is a past president, and has written on cartooning for over 25 years. He helped establish the ACA Stanley Awards in 1985 and, since 2008, has been working as a freelance cartoonist and author on the history of Australian cartooning.


Date: Saturday 16 June 2012
Time: 6.00pm to 7.00pm
Venue*: Madman Anime Area, The Dome, Sydney Olympic Park, Sydney.
Entry fee: There is no charge to attend the seminar. However, attendees must be exhibitors or hold a One Day Pass ($27.50 through FOXTIX or $30.00 at the door) or a Supafan Three Day Weekend Pass ($47. 50 through FOXTIX or $55.00 at the door).
Bookings: FOXTIX BOOKINGS – 1300 111 369 or or

The first 30 people through the door at the session will receive a FREE gift—donated to the ASA Comics / Graphic Novels Portfolio by our other professional friend Semi-Permanent. The gift is a beautiful and inspirational book that showcases creative design talent from around the world. Thanks to Semi-Permanent for its kindness.

* Please check the venue details in the printed Supanova event program (inserted in your show bag) in case of last minute venue changes.

Sponsored by Supanova and the Australian Society of Authors


Jeremiah said...

Enjoyed this post. My question is: Can interactions with your PLN to be considered 'job-embedded Professional Development?' I guess I'm wrestling with whether or not one needs to be physically at school in order for the professional development to be considered 'job-embedded.'

Black Mermaid Productions said...

We don't know how to answer this question, as we organise seminars for a specific niche – Australian comics creators. We don't have broad-based knowledge of PLN. Sorry.