Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Support The Deluge and Other Black Mermaids

We've occasionally been asked questions about the existence of black mermaids and whether they feature in reality and in mythology. You can read such a blog post here: A Letter to Black Mermaid Productions About African Mermaids. Well we've stumbled on an intriguing exploration about the idea —not in comics but in film.

This is an IndieGogo project that needs funding to the tune of US$25,000. As of this date the writer/ director/producer – Nijla Baseema Mu'min – has raised $4000. The cut off date is 14 June 2012. Here's a snippet on the film's premise:

Deluge is a short film that explores African American’s relationships to water, informed by such traumas as The Middle Passage, the BP Oil spill, and Hurricane Katrina, through the lens of main character Tiana, and her introduction to an aquatic underworld.
After witnessing the mass drowning of her friends and struggling with the decision not to jump in, 14-year old Tiana must decide if she will join the order of black mermaids that protect the oil-drenched waters of Lake Pontchartrain where her friends rest. This film is inspired by the 2010 mass drowning of six black teens in a Shreveport, Louisiana sinkhole. None of them could swim. The film blends coming of age drama, magical realism, and psychological suspense to explore traumatic memory in a post- BP oil spill New Orleans.

You can be a Goldfish donor for $5 right up to an Angelfish donor for $5000. If you want to help, just go to the IndieGogo Deluge web page.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this wonderful write-up!!!


Black Mermaid Productions said...

No worries, Nijla

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm back from the beach and all ready to get back into blogging. I'll be watching for your posts!

This film sounds like a great idea - I hope she's able to raise the necessary funds.

city said...

nice opinion.. thanks for posting.