Sunday, January 30, 2011

Supanova Invitation: 'Tides of Hope' Flood Relief Fund-Raising

Dear Creator, Friend and Guest of Supanova,

Australia has experienced some of its worst flooding in 100 years. People have died, entire towns and suburbs wiped off the map. Brisbane was particularly badly hit. Recovery is estimated at billions of dollars.

You know all this as we’ve all been living and breathing it together.

In an effort to help in our unique community way, Supanova is inviting you to contribute towards a 32-page benefit comic book that we are 100% financing in relation to printing and distributing it so every cent of the retail price can go to the relief effort. It will go on sale at the Supanova 2011 Expos, in Brisbane and Melbourne, which begin April 1st onwards alongside an on-line auction of the original art.

If you would like to help us by donating a 1-page script, or draw a 1-page story from a script (or in some cases do both), we would love to have you on board.

The brainchild of the project is Chris Sequeira ( and he is editing it alongside co-conspirator and Supanova Art Director, Tim McEwen (, with Supanova’s Event Director, i.e. me, making final editorial and publishing decisions.

The parameters are:

  • All work must be a completely obligation free donation; no remuneration is possible.
  • If we sell out, multiple editions will be reprinted (and possibly made available at later Supanova cons in Sydney and Perth this year) so, please, if you participate, all rights are donated in perpetuity.
  • Please don’t use characters you don’t own unless you are able to provide official permissions in conjunction with the deadlines provided.
  • All funds raised to go to the PREMIER’S DISASTER RELIEF APPEAL.


  • Acceptance: Need your acceptance by Saturday 5th February.
  • 1-page scripts only, theme is “Surviving Flood”.
  • All-ages, material please.
  • Script in by: Thursday 10th February.
  • A signed, printed copy of the script to go in a set of all signed scripts for an on-line auction would be a welcome bonus but is not mandatory.


  • Acceptance: Need your acceptance by Saturday 5th February.
  • You will be given a script by Tuesday 15th February, OR you can opt to contribute an existing original piece or pin-up.
  • Complete lettered art to be emailed by Monday 8th March.
  • YES! You may colour it if you wish or have a friend do the colouring and donate their colouring as part of the event. Just make sure to give us details of any additional person involved so we can credit them.
  • Indicate early if you'll need us to letter it.
  • Original art to be mailed to Supanova shortly thereafter and sold at on-line auction.

Obviously deadlines are strict due to very skinny timeframes therefore we ask that…

a) You reply “yes/no” very quickly as no answer will automatically be considered as “no”

b) If it’s a “yes” you commit to the above deadlines

c) If circumstances change and you don’t feel you can; tell us ASAP so we can go to our reserve list for a replacement.

Thanks for your time and please be aware that we KNOW how busy people are in general. So if you think you can’t find the time there’s zero judgement on our part as your contribution to this medium alone is something that we’re already grateful for; especially people such as myself whose stick figures are gender challenged and whose scripts end up looking like… well like this… a proposal.

Chris, Tim and I look forward to hearing from all of you.


Daniel Zachariou

Event Director Supanova Expo

Supanova Pop Culture Industries

Phone: +61 2 8006 0569

Mobile: +61 412 026 797
Fax: +61 2 8582 8985

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