Monday, June 15, 2009

Legal Self Defence for Comics Creators: Understanding Comics Contracts Seminars

It’s natural to be overjoyed when you’re offered a publishing contract for your comics project. It’s also natural to be devastated when you realise the contract you’ve signed has left you with little or no claim over the creative property you’ve laboured on for years. Knowledge is your first line of self-defence against those publishers who weigh contracts heavily in their favour and attempt to deny you basic and intrinsic creator rights. This seminar works towards preventing you from becoming a victim of exploitative deals by introducing you to legal publishing terms and helping you understand the implications of the major clauses in contracts. These include: intellectual property and copyright; licence and territory; advances and royalties, and subsidiary (ancillary) rights. This session will also provide you with negotiating tactics and strategies, and information on where to go for help if a dispute arises.  Remember… the responsibility for getting a fair deal starts with you!

Who Should Attend

Professional (published or self-published) and emerging (hobbyist) creators are welcome to stay after official Supanova closing time to attend.


About the Speakers 

Dr Jeremy Fisher (Sydney session)

Executive Director of the ASA since 2004, Jeremy Fisher has extensive experience in the Australian publishing industry. He worked as an editor and publishing manager for nearly 30 years before moving into rights management and advocacy roles. First published in 1974, he has written many works in a wide range of genres.

Jozef Szekeres (Perth session)

Illustrator, animator and comics artist Jozef Szekeres is the co-ASA Comics/Graphic Novels Portfolio Holder and a co-director of Black Mermaid Productions, a creative team working in comics. He has been published in Australia, the USA and in Europe and is a staunch defender of creator rights.

About the ASA

The Australian Society of Authors (which incorporates the Society of Book Illustrators [SOBI]) is the peak professional association for Australian literary creators and has over 3000 members. The Comics/Graphic Novels Portfolio was formed in mid 2007, to provide industry support to Australian artists and writers currently working in the comics medium and, in particular, the graphic novel format.

Seminar Information


Date: Saturday 27 June 2009

Time: 6.00pm to 7.00pm

Venue: Supanova Seminar Room,The Dome, Sydney Olympic Park


Date: Saturday 4 July 2009

Time: 6.00 to 7.00pm

Venue: Supanova Seminar Room, Robinson Pavillion, Claremont Showgrounds, Perth 

Entry fee: There is no charge to attend the seminar. However, attendees must be exhibitors or hold a One Day Pass ($23.75 through Ticketek or $25.00 at the door) or a Supafan Weekend Pass ($39. 40 through Ticketek or $50.00 at the door). Ticketek Bookings – 132 849 or the website.

Further Information

Check the event guide on Supanova and the Comics/Graphic Novels Portfolio page on Australian Society of Authors.

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