Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jozef Szekeres ASA Postcard Art

The Australian Society Authors asked Jozef a few months ago to do the artwork for the organisation's new official postcard and he agreed. The brief given to him was to go a bit surreal and put in a winged typewriter. Jozef also got his signature mermaids into the pic. Here's the result. First recipients were the comics creators attending Supanova Sydney last weekend.

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Mari said...

Delighted to see your art on the Internet. I have a set of original mermaids, dolls, on the web
However, the reason I write to you is to invite you to contribute your mermaid drawing pro bono to a world collection of mermaids in my picture book. If you wish to know more, pls feel free to email me at marijafs@yahoo.com
Marija Fekete-Sullivan