Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Kitty 4 & 5 Staying in the Family

I'm glad to announce that Kitty 4 & 5 are going to my sister and her partner. Here's a pic of them both – the tabby is a boy; the tortie and white is a girl. They're gorgeous and a little older than when these photos were taken. And in case you were wondering what's happening with the Squeaker Sisters (see 10/5/08 post) who were dumped at about four weeks old in a box on a neighbour's doorstep, well they're staying with me. The grey one has been named Sasha and the champagne pink and white is called Sihri. Liz, the wonderful woman who took Kitty 2 and 3 (see 26/5/08 post), has named them Aslan and Sylvester. We're all going to the vet together in a couple of weeks to get all six kittens microchipped and vaccinated. Followed up on Kitty 1 (see 2/5/08 post) the other day and she is loved and adored. I can breathe easy now.

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