Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mer-Con and World Mermaid Awards Change of Venue and Dates

The World Mermaid Awards and Mer-Con (Mermaid Convention) which is being held in Las Vegas next week will now be running on Friday 12 August as an all day event from 8am to 11pm at the mermaid-themed Silverton Casino.

Mer-Con released the following statement yesterday:

The World Mermaid Awards, featuring the wonderful Hannah Mermaid and MeduSirena pool shows, is changing location to another Las Vegas resort pool!

At the last minute,The Mirage, (our original venue), told us they don't have a permit for people, (*MERMAIDS included), to swim in the pool or be near the pool after dark. In addition, they had assessed hidden fees of about $150,000 for food and drinks, based on our estimated attendance. They were attempting to have me pre-pay for every one's drinks for the pool party, (at about $100 per person), and would not let me do a cash bar for everyone to buy drinks. I could not afford to buy every fish their drinks, and then not even swim. :(

So...we focused our energy and came up with a terrific, positive solution! We are going to have the Awards Ceremony poolside for all the Mermaids and Mermen at the Silverton Mermaid Hotel on Friday, Aug. 12th!

*An exact itinerary will follow shortly and will include the World Mermaid Awards, our Pageant, our FABULOUS performers all day and our amazing vendors! 8am till 11pm.

OF NOTE: Another factor that was of concern to us is the fact that The Mirage has captive dolphins and the World Mermaid Awards and Mer-Con event became a target for a huge protest and negative publicity. So, along with the fact that we could not swim in the pool and the hidden fees, it was impossible to stay at The Mirage and deal with all the controversy and protesters. *It was actually unsafe!

We will make sure all the Mermaids and Merman who come to Las Vegas for the weekend will have an AMAZINGLY enjoyable experience! We are doing the best we can under the extreme circumstances that have come up. The Silverton is a Mermaid-Themed Hotel and is has a 117,000 gallon Mermaid Tank!

ALL TICKETS are still valid!

Also if you purchased all 3 events at FULL PRICE, 1 World Mermaid Awards, 2 Hannah and MeduSirena Pool Party, and 3 Mer-Con Ticket combined, you are eligible for an upgrade to the VIP POOL Party listed below for only $75 - Contact me if you interested. If not we will have have a partial refund for the ticket price difference within 45 days. New ticket prices will posted soon.

The VIP Mermaid Pool Party with Mermaid shows will include Hannah Mermaid and MeduSirena, with many more mermaids! The VIP event will start at 4 p.m., including a buffet with an open bar and we will go on into the wee hours of the night. Everyone will be there! Here are the details:

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