Wednesday, August 3, 2011

BMP House Keeping - August 2011

Just some quick notes for our readers and followers:

(1) We have about 35 copies of the original Elf~Fin: Hyfus & Tilaweed Preview left. Once they are sold, you will have to wait until the official comic book series is released in 2012 to start reading the story. Remaining orders will be processed in the order we receive them until we sell out.
(2) Orders will be processed until Friday 5 August, which is when Jozef will be coming over to sign books. After that we won't be able to send out anything out until the week of Monday 22 August, which is when Julie returns from the USA. If you order any books during that period, we ask you to be patient until we can despatch them.
(3) We have tried valiantly to get our new website up before the WMA but alas, it is not to be. The designer has done a great job with it but it is a finicky site and it will take us a long time to "populate" (a bit of techy jargon here!) with all the information, images and links we'd like to have up on there. The other thing is that although the domain name is lodged with one hosting provider, we still have the old site on another hosting service and we need to do a big switch. Consequently, we could lose up to 48 hours of email contact and this is something we can't afford to do during August as we are in delicate negotiations at the moment in regard to our own activities, as well as some Australian Society of Authors activities we're involved in. So we're asking for your understanding on this matter. We'll start working on it from September so it should be up in the last quarter of this year (plus we're exploring how to add fan forums to it so you can engage with each other on Elf~Fin topics!)
(4) Unless some important information comes up in the next few days, we won't be blogging until the last week of August and then ... watch this space for WMA and Mer-Con pics!

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