Saturday, August 27, 2011

I Dream of Jeannie Dreams of Mermaids

"Whenever I hear the blare of a foghorn or see a picture of a mermaid or a young couple madly in love, I feel as if I've been Jeannie-blinked back into my childhood, happy and secure.
The foghorn, you see, reminds me of San Francisco, where I grew up. The mermaid reminds me of Dolfina, the famous "Girl in the Fishbowl" always on display at the Bal Tabarin restaurant in North Beach, where my parents often used to bring me when I was very young ..."

This is the opening to Barbara Eden's autobiography Jeannie Out of the Bottle which we recently picked up and read. It so happens, that after mermaids, genies are our next favourite magical beings. And so, IDoJ became a favourite show of ours while we were growing up. We were enamoured with Jeannie's pony tail, her harem outfit, her gorgeous face and, of course, her spunky "take no prisoners" attitude. And Jeannie had the magical powers we all coveted. Jozef even has a Jeannie Barbie doll and Julie has a Jeannie cookie jar and a television show lunch box in her office.

We're also delighted to say that at a recent Supanova in Sydney and Perth, we were honoured and privileged to have given a copy of the Elf~Fin Preview to the beautiful Barbara Eden, Larry Hagman (who is quite tall and gave Jozef a playful punch in the arm after the latter declared that he loved Larry in several recent episodes of Desperate Housewives!) and the ever funny Bill Daily. It seemed only natural to read Ms Eden's bio because we are such big fans of the show and also of many of her movies – most notably The Seven Faces of Dr Lao with Tony Randall, as well as The Brass Bottle, also with Tony Randall and featuring Burl Ives as the genie.

So it was a surprise when mermaids got a mention in her book, which tells the story of her show business life and delicately lifts the lids on some behind the scenes gossip.

Here are two nice little ABC interviews with Barbara.

Anyway, check if out ....

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