Sunday, April 24, 2011

Whirlwind or Whirlpool?

The last two months have been a whirlpool for both of us so we apologise for not being regular contributors to this blog. March was quite overwhelming – Jozef had to do all this prep for his regular jobs and had to get through an extensive BMP TO DO List including lettering all the Elf~Fin pages and getting them print-ready, designing a logo for the World Mermaid Awards, getting web design elements to me for our new Elf~Fin website, preparing lessons for the animation classes he teaches at the JMC Academy in Sydney and, of course, packing. Why? Well he was invited to Vienna, Austria to teach a masterclass to artists for two weeks. Since then he has ventured on to Paris and is currently in London. There were lots of business opportunities, as well as lots of art gallery visits on his itinerary but I have yet to hear the details because communication has been sporadic and restricted to FaceBook and a few emails through somebody else's account because there were lots of operational problems with his mobile phone, with his internet connections and the fact that he completely lost access to his PhotoShop software on his laptop and had to download a German version to try to get things done (BTW, he doesn't read German so that has been a trial all of its own!). The good thing is that he is coming back next week, just prior to the Royal Wedding so his timing was off by a couple of days when it came to making the flight bookings although I'm not sure whether he's disappointed or happy to be out of London during that time. Nevertheless, I'm really looking forward to hearing about his overseas adventures.

I, on the other hand, have been flat out preparing lessons for the Graphic Novels class I've been teaching at the JMC Academy (filling in for Jozef while he was away), although I taught writing rather than art. Hopefully my stick figures got the point across when it came to drawing panel set ups on the white board! I've also been working closely with the designer on the Elf~Fin book (more info in the next blog post), getting the Elf~Fin one page website up, driving to the printer on three separate occasions to get the proofs right (they did a brilliant job – I'm thrilled and can't wait for Jozef to see the finished comic next week when he returns), struggling with WordPress to get the new BMP website up, as well as a hundred other little things. It's been an exhausting two months and I just need a couple of days off.

Anyway, you're going to get flooded with blog posts over the next week or two so PLEASE KEEP READING ...

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