Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mermaid Boot ... er ... "Tail" Camp [UPDATED 07/07/11]

Picked up this story from FaceBook the other day via Reuters – Weeki Wachee Springs has started a mermaid training course.
The training is actually incredibly gruelling and physically challenging. Trainee mermaids stay underwater for long periods of time ... [DELETED – SEE COMMENT BELOW] and are given a step-by-step instructions about buoyancy and acrobatics before graduating to their tails. No scuba gear and no masks are permitted, and mermaids must learn how to balance the pressure on their ears and sinuses while being tossed around by 12-mile-an-hour currents.
Read the full article: "Coolest Camp Ever: Learn to be a mermaid".

You can also enrol your child in a special Adventures Under the Spring Mermaid Camp, which has entirely different training criteria. Several of the summer camps are already sold out!


Kristal said...

Having trained at that camp, I have a small correction for you. Trainess do NOT learn to breathe off the air hoses. That requires SCUBA certification and months of training, including a CPR certification.

Black Mermaid Productions said...

Thanks, Kristal. Our source material was obviously wrong so we'll correct the post immediately. Appreciate your response.