Sunday, April 24, 2011

ELF~FIN™ Going Global [UPDATED 02/05/11]

We were curious to see where our orders are coming from so here's an international breakdown of where most of our readers live ...

Coming in first place is the USA with orders from New York, Washington, California, Arkansas, Ohio, Florida, Washington, Texas, Alabama, Arizona and Colorado. We can now also add Hawaii, Georgia and Wisconsin to the list. Amazing! Thank you!

The next country to order the most copies is Germany. Danke Schon (can't find any umlauts on my system!).

Then the Netherlands – Dank u.

And then with exactly the same number of orders apiece are Norway – Takk; UK, Australia, and New Zealand (a big fat thank you to all). Plus new orders from Mexico – Muchas gracias!

Australia may take the lead in the upcoming weeks with face-to-face sales at upcoming events but this is an unfair advantage we admit. We'll keep you posted.


Cat said...

Quite pleased to be one of those from Ohio

Black Mermaid Productions said...

Yes, indeed. And now we add Arizona to the mix too.