Sunday, January 10, 2010

Post-Xmas Post 3

Just downloaded some Xmas pics – thought you might like to see. Our family doesn't use a real tree – nobody wants to cut down and kill a young pine just for the sake of a few weeks so we recycle a fake tree every year and spend our money on ornaments. My sister and I have a tradition of buying an ornament each for our departed Babushka (grandmother) who loved Christmas and cherished beautiful baubles. The flower you see in the table centrepiece is a white protea – an Australian indigenous plant (although I am not quite sure if this variety also grows in Africa). I had a conversation with an American friend (and Black Mermaid blog reader) Cat who may be visiting our shores this time next year. One of the things we talked about was the difference in plant species between our two continents and the protea is a good example of that. I look forward to showing her our waratahs, wattles, grevilleas and bottle brushes – oh and mustn't forget the kangaroo paws.

Here's the Xmas menu which I also posted on my FaceBook page so you may be able to make a game out of spotting which dish is which on the table: Chilled pea soup with mint gelato; Maple glazed ham; Mushroom and goat cheese gallette (vegetarian option); Salad of dried pears, prosciutto and blue cheese; Peach, BBQ duck and pecan salad; Lacy parmesan biscuits. Dessert: Sour cherry and ricotta strudel. Drink: Lime and mango tropicano.

We had a wonderful Xmas although there was so much congestion on the mobile phone networks that I didn't receive Jozef's sms greeting and good wishes for about three days.

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