Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Read and Heed - Children's Book Creators' and Graphic Novelists' Perspectives

Colleen Doran is constantly looking after the needs of comics creators and has given us two articles about how the Google Settlement might impact children's authors and illustrators and graphic novelists. Read them on her A Distant Soil blog: Google Behaving Badly: concerns for cartoonists and Children's Book Author Diana Kimpon clarifies Google Book deal on graphic novels. We owe Colleen and her contributors a big debt of gratitude for keeping us in the know. Thanks, C.

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Alan Ralph said...

Hmm, the more I read about this, the less I think that *anyone* at either Google or the Author's Guild has thought this "deal" through - it seems to do the bare minimum to keep the governments of the world off of their backs, whilst allowing maximum scope for stepping over copyrights *and* the creative commons in pursuit of profit... :(