Monday, January 18, 2010

New Valentine Black Mermaid™ Design Revealed

Jozef has just delivered the new 2010 Valentine design in our Celebration Black Mermaid™ series. The design is called "Dusky Rose". The musk-pink colour of the heart matches the new pink patent shoes I bought myself as a Christmas present. Hope you like our new interpretation of our lovely logo. She's available for a limited time at our Black Mermaid Boutique, so don't be shy in ordering a gorgeous cushion, t-shirts, prints, or all matter of pressies for your sweetie or yourself. We certainly will and we're the shopkeepers! What's more, we'll be wearing her after Valentine's Day to the various Supanovas we'll be attending all over Australia over the upcoming months. Oh, and I'll be wearing my pink shoes there too!


Anita Heiss' Blog said...

Love the latest Valentine's Day design - I went looking for it as a tattoo! Any chance?

Black Mermaid Productions said...

HI Anita,
Thanks for the feedback. We love her as well. We'll communicate with you separately about the tattoo issue but just so you know, here is our logo policy taken from the FAQ page of our website:

Is the Black Mermaid™ logo artwork available for license or for any other use?

No. The Black Mermaid™ logo artwork is copyright and trademarked to BMP. She has become a strong identifiable part of our business brand for the last 15 years and has been affectionately embraced by our readers. In many publishing circles and networking groups we are in fact known as the "black mermaids" or the "black mermaid people". In accordance with this brand recognition we have never licensed or given permission to any individual or organisation to reproduce the logo as she appears in our corporate stationery and also in all her website incarnations for commercial or non-commercial use, including tattoos, unless it is under exceptional circumstances. The words "Black Mermaid" which are used in conjunction with the logo artwork in our Black Mermaid™ brand of products and collectibles is trademark and copyright Black Mermaid Productions™. All rights are reserved.

J & J