Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mermaid Treasures 14

Some of you may have already spotted the Pre-Raphaelite painting of John William Waterhouse's A Mermaid in the background of my FaceBook and Black Mermaid Productions™ website pic. Well I have a good quality, expensively framed print hanging on the wall opposite my bed. Beside it are two other Waterhouses – the second one is Hylas and the Nymphs and the third one has no mermaids in it so I won't cover it in this "Mermaid Treasures" blog post. I want to cover that wall in paintings from that era so it looks like I'm in the middle of an art gallery. I never tire of looking them. I also have another smaller mermaid print rendered in a similar style but Jozef borrowed it about six months ago and I haven't seen it since. Hint! Hint! I want it back so I can frame it and mount it on the wall. When I do I'll show you all a pic and tell you who the artist is. In the meantime, you can buy prints of the above from the J W Waterhouse website.

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