Friday, March 6, 2009

The Case For and Against Twittering [UPDATED 11/03/09]

A few weeks ago we signed up for Twitter – individually, as well as for Black Mermaid Productions™. We've had mixed feelings about it, as we're both dedicated FaceBook users and were unsure about the technology and its usefulness. However, in marketing and social networking circles Twitter is considered the big "In" thing and there are some people who are naturals – adepts in fact – at using it. In the comics community we recommend you follow Ben Templesmith, Heidi MacDonald and Dwight L MacPherson whose respective tweets are quite engaging, entertaining, eccentric at times, and exceptionally personable and open. 

If you're not sure whether Twitter's a thing for you (and we must add that these mini "haiku" like 140 character tweets are sort of like writing a piece of comic character dialogue or a thought balloon except that the character is you) then read no further than the following articles: Why You Should Be on Twitter and Twitter in Plain English

The case against Twitter is highlighted in the mainstream press in Time magazine would you believe. Check out Lev Grossman's article "Desperately Trying to Quit Twitter".


Rebecca Kirkland said...

Just seeing this post today--I am still of two minds about Twitter. When I was first told about it, I thought it would be a great forum for marketing what projects I am working on.

But lately I see it turning into yet another mini blog of sorts for everyone, with very little of what you are doing being posted, and much more of what you are feeling at any given moment. Not to mention all the political views being posted on there...I just do not need another marketing site to tell me what I should or should not believe in ;)

Of course in less than six months I am sure there will be another new and hip site for instant blogites. I remember when Livejournal was the bomb, now I rarely see these pages anywhere.


Julie said...

I agree with you Rebecca. I think we @ Black Mermaid (and I as an individual) need to make a decision as to Twitter's usefulness and whether or not we want to continue – it's fun reading the comments but it absolutely breaks work momentum and sucks up time like oxygen is sucked up in a fire. There are moments where I felt as though I was in the tweeting groove and other times where I felt the absolute drudgery of it all. We are overloaded with work as it is and need to cull activities and focus on the most important stuff like getting Elf~Fin out. Twitter at this point of time is dissipating our energy.

You know what ... I think I've processed the advantages and disadvantages of Twitter just by having this discussion with you and am seriously considering cancelling our/my Twitter account but will defer action till the end of March.