Thursday, March 5, 2009

50 YouTube Video Tips, Sifting Out the Delusional, and the Case for Children's Print Storybooks

We're planning to bring out some video clips in the near future and, as we've just discovered from Chris Pirillo's  FABULOUS article,"50 YouTube (and Online Video) Tips and Tricks":
YouTube is now 25% of the Internet's search traffic, and if you're not doing something on youTube, you're ... crazy. 
Also here's a great article by Bon Alimagno, Harris Comics Director-Publishing & Editorial, on the Newsarama blog that will help artists who want to pitch their portfolios to publishers. "Ignition: Portfolio 101" advises us to draw the most exciting millisecond, get the conversations and talking heads scenes right, that less is more, and to kill your idol. 

And the case for the continuance of print children's fiction is made in a Science Daily article "Storybooks on Paper Better for Children Than Reading Fiction on Computer Screen, According to Expert".
Swedish researchers believe we understand more and better when reading on paper than when we read the same text on a screen. We avoid navigating and the small things we don't think about, but which subconsciously takes attention away from the reading. Also texts on a screen are often not adapted to the screen format. The most important difference is when the text becomes digital. Then it loses its physical dimension, which is special to the book, and the reader loses his feeling of totality.
We're all for digital content but there is nothing finer than holding and flicking the pages of a physical book to enhance our reading experience.

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