Monday, January 5, 2009

Stranger Than Superhero Fiction

Apparently the US is alive with the sound of superheroes. More than 200 citizens have donned masks and costumes and are fighting crime in their home towns and surrounds. The Newsarama blog tells us that:
According to the World Superhero Registry, only non-lethal means of subduing criminals are condoned, and small-timers like prostitutes and drug users are "of limited value to society." ... this new trend has been attributed to causes ranging from 9/11 to the boom of superhero films.
Anyone choosing to abide by the terms and conditions/minimum criteria within the World Superhero Registry must comply with rules regarding costumes, heroic deeds and personal motivation. Registered superheroes include FoxFire, Black Arrow, Ghost and Green Scorpion amongst many others. The only category missing on their mini-bios is what superpower they possess. We wonder why!

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