Saturday, January 17, 2009

Book Trailers as Promo Tools

There has been an increase in comics, graphic novels and mainstream book trailers on YouTube and other video sites. The Prince of Persia by Jordan Mechner, A B Sina and LeUyen Pham (published by First Second) and James A Owen's Indigo King (published by Simon & Schuster) being two of many. How successful are these clips as marketing tools? Well, Publisher's Weekly asked several industry experts and then gave us a run down of their answers in the "Ask a Publicist: What Do You Think of Book Trailers?" article. The publicists who think trailers are a load of nonsense are missing the point – posting trailers on blogs and video sites is actually a Search Optimization Tactic that will create more links to and from your website and thus elevate it in the page rankings of Search Engines such as Google, which in turn will attract more traffic to your site. However, we do agree with the notion that nothing will brand you an amateur as quickly as an ill-conceived and badly made and edited video clip. So if you are going to do it then for goodness sake do it well. It can be simple but it needs to be professional.



Auricfield said...

on the topic of Marketing, Publicity etc this blogger's blog has become so popular the author has been invited onto bigtime tv talkshows:

His videos on the blog are not on YouTube but he may have other ones on YouTube.

I think his blog actually turned a $4million busines into 25 million or some crazy amount like that.

Black Mermaid Productions said...

Great stuff! Thanks for the heads up. We're very interested in marketing here and are fascinated with the pioneers who are changing the Internet landscape by promoting their products and services in innovative ways. These clips highlight that Black Mermaid constantly needs to take on the position of student and keep learning from the great Internet marketing masters. It also pays to be exceptionally extroverted when doing video appearances!