Thursday, October 3, 2013

Support Mary Doe Trailer Kickstarter Campaign

I also lend my voice to endorsing and celebrating in the film you are shortly to make. The script, planning and design you have already done is far superior than a lot of projects that we read and I have no doubt that you are on the road to making a truly wonderful piece of cinema.
Richard Taylor, Creative Director WETA Workshop
5 time Academy Award Winner 
The HobbitThe Lord Of The Rings TrilogyKing Kong

You can't get a better endorsement than that, and that's why we're asking our readers and fans to transition from mermaids to zombies for just a few moments in time and to check out a new Kickstarter campaign that was just launched by our great friends and supporters of 20 years – Nick and Paul from Makeup Effects Group
Nick and Paul are serious dudes with some serious screen credits. They've done Hugh Jackman's makeup in Wolverine, Aaron Eckhart's makeup in I Frankenstein, and even Marlon Brando's makeup in The Island of Dr Moreau. They've worked on The Matrix; The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Babe and many more movies (check out their show reel at the bottom of this post). 
They are also kind-hearted and generous to a fault with a razor sharp focus on quality makeup effects and production values in everything they do. They are now transitioning from SFX to directing and producing. The first project they want to work on is a horror / zombie thrilled called Mary Doe. They've got all the infrastructure in place but need to raise $75,000 to film the trailer, which is the starting point for financing the film that has been building for the past five years. 

We LOVE these guys and have spent many hours talking comics, hanging out at their studio and going to movies together so please support the project if you can. We've included the campaign video so you can check it out here in the first instance. That's Nick in the second video.

Here's the link to the actual Kickstarter Mary Doe Promo Trailer campaign. If you've got some time, also just check out the Updates page, which has some other groovy material.

Most importantly, please dig deep to get them over the $75,000 funding line.

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