Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mermaid Books 10 – The Marked Ones

Australian author, S K Munt, has recently published Book 1 of a paranormal romance trilogy about mermaids called The Marked Ones. It's an epic mermaid tale set in modern day Australian but filled with characters from all over the world. It focuses on mermaid bloodlines and their need to protect the environment in which they live and there's a love triangle to add a bit of steam.

The story has a  great set up in that mermaids have three purposes in life: to protect their environment from humans, to cultivate their bloodlines, and to keep the knowledge of their species a secret at any cost. For a 1000 years they have depended on the Court family to keep their species thriving, and the Ivyanne character is the next in line for the throne. Ivyanne is the embodiment of the mermaid fantasy  beautiful, kind and chaste.  But she has a secret, and when she returns to the mainland to live and work as a human, she finds herself facing him again – the only man she has ever loved – a forbidden human. Ivyanne has been running from the siren within for decades, ignoring all of her urges that might jeopardise her arranged marriage to an eligible son of The Marked Ones – urges that other mers within her kingdom embrace. It was easy to acknowledge them in the sea under her parent's watchful gaze but more difficult to suppress them on land where temptation vies for her heart.

The Marked Ones is aimed for big girls who have always dreamed of being mermaids, and big boys who always dreamed of being with one. Set against the beautiful Great Barrier Reef, this modern fairytale is packed with drama and action and hums with sexual tension.

The book is available in Kindle format from Amazon.

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