Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mermaid Treasures 15

I was recently given a delightful mermaid blockmount for my birthday. which has since found a central place in my mermaid room that is attached to my studio. The artists' name is Monique Cannon – she's also a groovy chalk artist from Queensland, Australia. The picture is called "Mermaid on Sand" (Item # BLK239) if you're thinking of buying it. It's actually part of a three blockmount set rather like a triptych (see top picture – mine is the third piece). I rang up Monique and the distributor Splosh the other day to get permission to feature the pieces on this blog. The latter told me there are lots of other mermaid goodies available from them in the form of frames, signs, artboards, trinket boxes and ceramic wall hangings. Retailers can order them from Splosh Australia. The products are available from all good gift/homeware stores OR customers can phone Splosh directly on +61 7 3208 4077 and the customer service department can let you know where your closest store is for the stock you're looking for. 

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