Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fortean Times Mermaid Feature

The October 2009 edition of the Fortean Times which examines the world of strange phenomena akin to the X-Files, has a cover story on mermaids – "Mermaids: Myth or Reality" (BTW, we like the font the publisher used on the front cover especially the swirly 'S'). The cover story features three articles – 

(1) "Fishy Tales" by Paul Chambers 

[An] "unnatural history of the British mermaid" offers an overview of the life and times of a controversial creature rarely seen in marine zoology textbooks.

(2) "Mermaids in Myth and Art" by Gail-Nina Anderson
Mermaids and their fishy kin have been with us for a long time, but where did these alluring hybrids come from? [The writer] traces the mermaid lineage, from Mesopotamian carvings to Disney films and Barbie dolls.
(3) "How to Make... a Mermaid" by Alan Frisell
[The writer] shows you how to make your very own Feejee Mermaid out of a few inexpensive and easily obtainable household materials.
Great stuff! You can get order a subscription from Fortean Times. This is a great magazine – I (Julie) should know – I have the entire collection except for three issues. 

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