Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We're BAAAACK! (to be said in Heather O'Rourke's Poltergeist voice)

This has been the longest period we've been away from our blog but we'll be making up for lost time in the next few days. Jozef still has the whooping cough and will probably be coughing for another two months until the infection runs its course. The doctor told him it hangs around for about three months, but that could be a negative suggestion. If it departs his body sooner it will be a good thing. He's finishing off his Business Activity Statement (BAS) for the Goods and Services Tax (GST) which most working Australians have to pay every three months (he has a bit of catching up to do) and then he's on to painting the Hyfus with dolphins and sharks cover. The last three weeks have been fractured for me too – two interstate trips, Easter, guests, more feral kittens to catch and more feral females to trap, spay and return to their territory. A good thing is that we are in a non-rating TV period at the moment which coincides with school holidays, so there is nothing on television but repeats (except for Lost, 24 and Dexter which are maintaining continuity). I have FINALLY managed to finish watching the first season of the teenage mermaid story H20 which Jozef lent me a number of months ago, as well as catching up on old Babylon 5 episodes I haven't seen.  I also finished about three hours of ironing that I had accumulated so way to go, Julie! Probably got about a day's work left on BMP tax and then everything's back to its normal rhythm.

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