Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Elf~Fin Avatar Fan Art

As you all know we've been busy preparing the first issue of Elf-Fin: Hyfus & Tilaweed for publication, which uses some of the supporting characters (namely the eponymous heroes Hyfus and Tilaweed) who first appeared in ElfQuest: WaveDancers (known as the original WaveDancers – OWD). It's great to see that so many years after their original publication that an online group is still actively interested in these characters today.

I (Jozef) have always enjoyed viewing fan art of characters I've created/designed (provided that the new art pieces are correctly copyright attributed to either Black Mermaid Productions™ or to myself as the original artist), so when I discovered the new Icon Dolls of the OWD, I was thrilled and quite chuffed.

The OWD Dolls really capture the essence of each characters design so clearly and correctly you instantly know who each character is. It's also fun seeing the various takes on the one character, as there are several artists that have banded together to explore our OWD characters in this way.

Once Elf~Fin is released, the characters that cross over from the OWD will have an entirely new base identity in a new world with a new story and lots of new characters to surround them, so it'll be great to see them in that light. Until then, seeing the OWD character honored with such loving and respectful interest is heartening and a great motivator to Julie and myself to bring the characters to publication again (in Elf-Fin) for you all to enjoy.

Here is the direct link to the collage of the OWD Dolls.
The artists involved have posted their logos by their works. The names and logos are together as follows (Nightsea and Embala are unsigned):
"elfeneyes" = A.S.
"Jeedai" = CMT
"Kat Combs" = LJ


Night said...

Nightsea here...
I enjoyed making doll images of these characters & look forward to more comics about them soon.
The Elfquest Scroll of Colorsis where to find the Forum thread
where these (& many more)images
live. Come doll with us anytime!
A list of resources is in the first post of that thread to get you started.

Black Mermaid Productions said...

Thanks, Nightsea. We did another blogpost on the dolls yesterday. Come see:

We love them!