Monday, February 16, 2009

Psychic Scam Alert

I've done previous blog posts on some mail scams that are working their way into our post box at home. A hapless relative of mine appears to be on some central mailing list that is either revolving its way through a whole bunch of different scam groups, or, is being used continually by the same bunch of frauds who are inventing new ways to fleece the innocent with every letter they post.

This new one claims that, "Several million dollars are waiting for you ..." and there is a black and white photo of a long haired Madame Soleil with her chin resting on her hand, who claims that "[her] gifts of clairvoyance have enabled [her] to see that you will soon win at the lottery! Before 03.31.2009."

This sales letter has been compiled according to all the current marketing and copywriting principles – second person appeal "how much money do you need to pay off all your debts and be able to live with no financial worries until the end of your days?"; the use of the word "FREE" dropped in at strategic moments; a little bit of mystery and supernatural mystique "your black moon" and "your design is radiant, even royal"; supposed credibility in the form of testimonials from people who have won lots of moolah as a result of using the numbers she gave them; and a quick cut off date prompting action before you lose all your opportunities. 

Apparently, despite the fact that there are billions of people on this planet, Madame Soleil has had a unique vision that identifies seven lottery numbers that my relative must play. Gosh, if I had her abilities I'd be playing them all myself, winning millions of dollars and not working another day in my life. The numbers by the way have been sealed in an envelope and placed in my relative's  file.

I'm actually sick of talking about this. The only reason I post these on the Black Mermaid Productions blog is to make sure all our readers are informed. Go to the WA Scam Net website for an exposé.

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