Saturday, February 7, 2009

Comics Digital Distribution through iVerse

Comics distribution has been very topical in the comics print and online press lately. The Newsarama website and blog has now weighed in on the matter with an interesting article "Brainstorming: Digital Content", which focuses on iVerse Media releasing digital comics through iPhones and iPod Touch. The article tells us that:
The opportunity to pave a new market for digital comics has never been greater. Some have said that all it will take is an iTunes for comics before digital comics will take off, well now comics are on iTunes... most go for 99c which isn't bad for full length comic book content.

The method of viewing is simple, the panels and word balloons are cropped and placed into 480 x 320 segments that you scroll through with your finger.
The article further explains some of the formatting disadvantages for comics created prior to the iPhone but that creators can now begin to keep the iVerse specs in mind when developing new content. Check out the article here, and specifically look for three examples of panel layout (located at the bottom) to give you an idea of how these digital comics will be read/viewed via the technology

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